If you’ve read about our Journey on the homepage, you may be familiar now with the couple who dreamed of this adventure for a cause, John and Diane Eckstein.  Two interns are also joining the Ecksteins on the Journey, Tyler Reber and Kelly Winter.  As we travel the country, all four team members will be sharing our experiences on this blog.  Allow me to introduce the team.  As we continue on our Journey, you’ll hear more from each person individually.

Diane and John

John Eckstein is a semi-retired physician from Phoenix, Arizona.  John has always had a passion for exercise and adventure.  John was the one who created the idea of this Journey!

Diane Eckstein is a Phoenix native and a board member of Citizenship Counts.  She is a retired social worker with an ongoing passion for helping others.


Kelly and Tyler

Tyler Reber is a river rafting guide in Grand Canyon during the summers. He lives in Flagstaff, Arizona and loves to travel, kayak, and spend time outdoors in good company.

Kelly Winter also calls Flagstaff home and works as a Grand Canyon river guide.  She loves hot yoga and reading.  She studied cultural anthropology and loves to travel.

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  • Mary-Audrey Mellor
    February 26th, 2012

    Love following all of you and seeing photos. Diane and John, you look great! I am finally becoming a little more savvy with my I-Pad. So will keep getting up dated.

    Tyler and Kelly have done rafting on the Colorado 3 times in the past and so loved it. A very spiritual experience!

    Take care and stay well. Mary-Audrey

  • Paul Bendheim
    February 1st, 2012

    Go cousins Go! Congrats on a fine start.

  • Tamara Hogsett
    January 30th, 2012

    We’re so excited for you and this amazing adventure as you share about the blessings of citizenship in this great land of America. Loved the picture with all of you and Bill Walton. Looking forward to your daily posts.

  • moira winter
    January 27th, 2012

    Go team! Sounds like y’all are off to a good start. I’d qualify “a good start” as finding that first camp spot, getting plugged in and sleeping your first night on the road.

    Wish we could be there.

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