As of this morning, John and Tyler had biked 573 miles, and John and Kipp had walked 128 miles.

The afternoon before we left, one of the golfers in our RV park was practicing his swing and, as you can see, also sitting and thinking  in the peace of the moment.

Preparing to practice









Focused on his swing-to-come











In somewhat over two hours and about 135 miles, we drove from Willcox, Arizona, to Deming, New Mexico – from one rural RV park to another.   Along the highway there were many trains and, on the highway, huge trucks and other RV’s were in abundance.

The desert in Arizona was brown, and the mountains were sprinkled with snow.  We saw yucca plants and many trees that will be bare until the spring arrives.  There were pecan and walnut orchards, whose trees are also bare, and much other vegetation.  In New Mexico, we saw cattle, the rusty skeleton of  a very old car, a number of donkeys, or perhaps burros, grazing in the fields near the road.  Many signs along the way told us that we were not far from Mexico and that Native American Nations are nearby.  

Outside of the town of Deming we find our RV park, which has a prominent sign that says: LONERS ON WHEELS.  We then learn that there is an organization for people who are legally single who enjoy RV traveling and living.  This organization, run by volunteers, has chapters all over the United States and in Canada and was created in 1969 to serve single campers by providing a community of connection and support.  This statement is from their newsletter:  “LONERS ON WHEELS is a unique camping club for legally single adults.  We promote the mingling aspect of single life and hope you will find many friends with whom to enjoy the RVing lifestyle.  We invite you to visit and join a local Chapter.  Chapters offer campouts usually at full hookup campgrounds with amenities and planned single activities.  Chapters sponsor Rallies.  Caravans are hosted by LoW members.  The LoW Club owns the 65 site campground known as LoW-HI RV  Ranch.”  It turns out that this is the RV park that Tyler identified as a good place for us to stay in Deming and where we are enjoying friendliness and peace.  In case you are interested in learning more, you can go to the website:

Greeting us when we approached the RV office to check in

Settled in Deming

And a beautiful Yucca!


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  • Tamara Hogsett
    February 29th, 2012

    Way to go John and Tyler for biking 573 miles. And Congrats to John and Kipp for walking 128 miles. We love sharing your adventures through the internet!

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