My dad took me on a really long walk today – thirteen miles.  Then my dad dropped me off at our RV to be with Mom, and he walked another three miles.  We’re both so tired tonight, but I promise to tell you more about my life on the road soon.

Tonight I’ll just tell you two things.  I’m a really good guard dog. Sometimes a person or a dog comes too close to our RV.  I bark so they won’t come any closer, and they don’t.  The second thing is that right before I lay down on my place to go to sleep, Dad took me outside to look at the sky.  He showed me the moon near the horizon and two bright lights, which he said are Venus and Jupiter.  He also showed me the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, and he told me how to find the North Star, which is also called Polaris.  I told him I’m just a dog.  He said, “Your nose is always smelling the ground. It is also important to look into the sky and see the moon and all of the stars.”  Where we are – in Deming, New Mexico – the night sky is so clear and dark and really shows all of the stars.  I am learning something every day on our Journey.  And one more thing before I go to sleep – I’m proud to be an American!   

Sweet Dreams!



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  • Katherine Eckstein
    February 26th, 2012

    My brother Kipp,

    Dad did the same thing with Jennifer and me — showed us the stars. Take care of mom and dad. I love you and can’t wait to see you when you’re in New York. Also, please make sure that dad doesn’t run into any more trees (from your second blog post)!

    Your sister

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