I have been thinking about a lot of things that I’ve been seeing on this journey with Mom, Dad, Kelly and Tyler. The first really confusing thing I saw was when we were in California at a place called the Salton Sea.  Kelly and Mom and I went to pick up Dad and Tyler and their bikes after Dad and Tyler had a very long bike ride.  They said they had biked more than 50 miles, which is a lot farther than I could walk or run. Dad and Tyler were tired and also happy about their bike ride.

After everyone was in the car with the bikes on the bike rack, Mom and Dad and Kelly and Tyler decided that  we should take a little walk along the beach of the Salton Sea.  This would be the only way we could really see the Salton sea.  We stopped the car near the beach and walked to the beach, which is where we found what I just don’t understand.  I heard Mom, Dad, Kelly and Tyler say they were wondering why there were so many dead fish lying there on the beach.  They wouldn’t let me even get near the dead fish, which I didn’t like because I wanted to sniff them.  But I had to listen to Mom and Dad.  So I never got to smell them, which might have helped me to understand why so many fish were dead.  My mom took some pictures that she will show you.  Maybe you can help us all to understand why all of those fish had died.  We didn’t stay very long because it wasn’t very pleasant to be there with all of those dead fish.

Please tell me why you think the fish died, and I will tell my Mom, Dad, Kelly and Tyler.  Thank you so much for your help.  Here are the pictures my mom took.  First you will see the Salton Sea and the dead fish.  Then I asked my mom to show you the happier pictures of me, Mom and Dad, Kelly and Tyler.

My dad and me and Kelly and Tyler looking at the Salton Sea

The Salton Sea that we saw from the beach

This is when Mom, Dad, Kelly and Tyler all said, "Oh, no! Look at all of the dead fish! I wonder what happened that so many fish died."

Up closer so you can see them better

Just one dead fish

I'm so glad I have my dad to love me and help me, even if he won't let me do everything I want, like smell the dead fish.

Mom and Dad and Me

I really love Kelly and Tyler. They help me too. I am so lucky!










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  • Kipp
    March 2nd, 2012

    Wow! Thank you so much to Laney and her mom for writing to me and explaining about why the fish died. Even though it makes us sad that this happened, it is good to know the reasons. Last summer must have been very hot because there were so many fish that died.

    Thank you, Keri and Owen, for reading my question and for learning the answer with me. I miss you too and so do my mom and dad.

    I had such a big day playing in the sand dunes, and I am really tired. Time to say goodnight.


  • Owen and Keri Eckstein
    March 1st, 2012

    Thank you, Laney and Erin, for the information. That’s so interesting (and sad).

    Owen wants to add, “I love you, Aunt Diane, Uncle John and Kipp. I miss you.”

  • Laney and Mom Sir
    March 1st, 2012

    Hi Kipp. We learned that every summer millions of fish die in the Salton Sea. The reason is multiple. Since salt water has less oxygen than fresh water, summer sun heats the shallow waters of the Salton Sea (up to 125 degrees) and the fish suffocate. Also, the heat mixed with summer winds produce algae and algae also takes up some of the oxygen in the water. The majority of the dead fish are Tilapia. Even though it happens every year, it is still sad to see. And the hotter the weather gets, the more dead fish will be scattered along the shoreline. It’s probably a good thing you didn’t get too close. Dead fish are kind of stinky!

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