This afternoon I am waiting and waiting and waiting for my dad to get home from his bike ride with Tyler.  I’m waiting for Tyler, too, but mostly for my dad.  As long as I don’t have Dad or Tyler or Kelly here to play with me, I asked my mom to type a blog for me.  So here goes….

On Tuesday, I went with Mom and Dad and Kelly and Tyler to the Naturalization Ceremony in a big gym at a big school.  Whenever my mom puts a red, white and blue scarf around my neck, I know we’re going to be with a lot of people in a place where I’ve never been before.  I know that Naturalization Ceremonies are very important, and I am willing to go.  But I have to tell you that I don’t really like to go where there are so many people I don’t know.  I get scared.  I try to be very good and listen to what Mom and Dad and Kelly and Tyler tell me to do, but it is really hard.  I know I have to be very quiet, which I was.  I know that I should sit and lie down during the Ceremony, which I did.  But I have to tell you that I could hardly wait until it was over so that I could go outside and then get in the car and come back to our RV.  Here is a picture of Tyler petting me before the Ceremony started.  Tyler was being so gentle to help me feel calmer.

Tyler is helping me to feel calmer at the school.

Now I’m going to tell you about one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my whole life!  Tyler and Kelly had this idea that we should all go to White Sands National Monument, which sounded good to my mom and dad.  Dad and Tyler had already biked there, but they wanted to go again so that Kelly and Mom and I could see it.  Even though it was very windy, Tyler wanted to take us on a drive into the park. We stopped and got out of the RV, and then I had the best time ever!!  Kelly and Tyler ran up and down the sand dunes with me.  The sand was soft so we could do whatever we wanted and it didn’t hurt.  My mom said she will show you pictures so you can imagine being me running around with Kelly and Tyler, who are young and strong and love having fun with me!  It was a wonderful day!!  

P.S.  I know that Naturalization Ceremonies are really important, but I would much rather play in the sand.

Up we go!

Down we go!

Read to jump again!

Woo Hoo!

Tyler up in the air!

Chasing Tyler down the embankment

Chasing Tyler down the embankment!

I needed to catch my breath.

Kelly came to play. Hooray!!

Kelly and Tyler! How lucky can I be!!

One more time! Yippee!


Here's me with Mom and Dad. They had fun too but not as much as Kelly Tyler and me. 🙂








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