We had the wonderful  opportunity of celebrating Kelly’s birthday this evening!   First came a delicious dinner at an elegantly restored building in Carlsbad.   Kipp was kind enough to sleep in the car so that all of us, including him could relax.  After returning to our RV’s Kelly and Tyler baked a large birthday cookie, which four of us enjoyed with ice cream after the singing of Happy Birthday.  Please see the photos below and also the link to the Trinity Hotel and Restaurant, where we all enjoyed both the food and each other’s company.  

We are feeling very fortunate to be on this Journey for Citizenship Counts, which takes us to large cities and small towns across America and introduces us to the local countryside and ways of diverse communities.  Whenever we can, we tell about the very important mission of Citizenship Counts.

We forgot our camera when we went to dinner and want to give you a feel for where we had dinner – on the first floor of a beautifully restored building that was built in 1892.  http://www.thetrinityhotel.com/#!

 Now for a few photos of the dessert and Happy Birthday part of our evening:

The happy birthday woman!

Blowing our her candles

Celebrating together.




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  • Tamara Hogsett
    March 12th, 2012

    Grateful that Kelly had a wonderful birthday celebration last week. Love the Tinity Building!

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