Sam Tasby is a remarkable man of ninety years who comes to Sam Tasby Middle School for many of their events and simply to visit with the students.  We met Mr. Tasby at the Naturalization Ceremony in Dallas Texas, which was held at the school that is named after him.  Just below you will find some photos that will show you his ebullient spirit.  John told him a joke (of course), which we all enjoyed.  

Please go to the link called “Wall of Honor” under “2012 Journey” on the Citizenship Counts website to learn more about Sam Tasby and the other notable citizens who are on the Citizenship Counts Wall of Honor.  The Wall is expanding every week, and we hope you will recommend any citizens you know – both naturalized and born in America – who have made a contribution to their communities.  We are not including elected officials or famous people.  The Wall of Honor is about all of us who have been good and responsible citizens.  We are including the direct link to the Wall of Honor.  We hope you will look at Sam’s photos first!

Arriving for the Naturalization Ceremony

Student pride in their school

Student pride in our country and their welcome to the new citizens

Telling Mr. Tasby about Citizenship Counts

Enjoying a joke with Mr. Tasby

The enjoyment continued!





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  • Tamara Hogsett
    April 25th, 2012

    Love all the trivia and the pictures.

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