We hope these photos will inspire you to visit these and the other presidential libraries.   All of us would like to see them all!   As you will see, they differ greatly in style and are each filled with fascinating exhibits that reflect the history of our country.  

Approaching the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library

Kelly, Tyler and John with our excellent tour guide

GHWB flew this kind of plane in WWII, was shot down and then rescued by a submarine.

Quote from President Bush's Inaugural Address

A life of public service

Taking Kipp with us to the Library garden

A spectacularly beautiful garden!

The Barbara Bush rose garden in bloom!

Walking bridge to the William J. Clinton Library

William J. Clinton Presidential Library

John reading about Clinton's childhood years

Honoring the Little Rock Nine

The Work of the First Lady - Hillary Clinton

Looking out toward Little Rock

The strong connection with Little Rock

The Clinton School of Public Service

Diane after a wonderful afternoon in the Clinton Library





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