Let us begin by saying how fortunate we feel to be on this remarkable Journey, which, much to our amazement, is a week from being completed.   As of late this afternoon, John has walked and cycled 3,485 miles, which leaves 15 miles to arrive at the magic number of 3.500!

We hope you will enjoy some photos that show a bit about our life in the very comfortable RV park where we stayed in College Park, Maryland, which is close to D.C.  We were able to do some sightseeing in our nation’s capital, and we were part of a truly wonderful Naturalization Ceremony at the Federal District Courthouse.  We also had a very delicious home-cooked meal, including “derby pie”, at the home of two of our supporters and a delicious meal at a Georgetown restaurant with two other supporters.   All were most gracious hosts to the five of us and the two of us.

Settled for our days in the D.C. area

A beautiful walking path around the RV park


Lily pads in a pond in the RV park

Iris blooming in the RV park

Kipp and John waiting for dinner al fresco

Kipp eating his dinner and not as lucky as us!

Delicious dinner for four #1 al fresco

Delicious dinner for four #2 al fresco.

Our chef on the right with our navigator!





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  • Tamara Hogsett
    June 3rd, 2012

    Every day we pray for all of you–in fact many times each day. We are grateful for your health and safety during this great adventure. Thankful for a super navigator and an accomplished chef. . . . . .

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