What more remarkable way to end a wonderful day that began with a Naturalization Ceremony and continued with sightseeing in our nation’s capital, than to attend a party on the Presidential Yacht Sequoia!  We were fortunate to be included as guests at a party that was held on the 95th anniversary of the birthday of President John F. Kennedy.  He celebrated his 49th birthday, which was his last, aboard this yacht.  

During the evening, we were regaled with stories of the many presidents who hosted a variety of meetings and occasions on the Sequoia.  We also met the author, Clint Hill, and co-author, Lisa McCubbin, of a recently published book  –  Mrs. Kennedy and Me.  This book tells the story of Clint Hill’s service as Mrs. Kennedy’s Secret Service Agent during the time she was first lady and in the year following the assassination of her husband, the President.  

Being aboard the yacht, meeting many people, hearing the stories, we could feel the history.  It was a remarkable evening.

Kelly and Tyler getting ready to board

John at the head of the presidential bed

Diane on the other side of the presidential bed

The Presidents who used the yacht while in office

A thunderstorm arrived, which also happened during JFK's last birthday celebration on the Sequoia. Eerie!





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  • Nancy Haas
    June 4th, 2012

    What a wonderful opportunity! This really is the trip of a lifetime in so many ways. Thanks for taking us along through the blogs. By the way, you all look fabulous.

  • Tamara Hogsett
    June 3rd, 2012

    Looks like it was an AWESOME day for all of you. These experiences will be things you share with your posterity for years to come.

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