Community Involvement

We encourage naturalized citizens in communities across the country to join our network to help advance our efforts. If you are interested in speaking to a school community about your experiences and journey through the naturalization process, or if you are interested in learning about volunteer opportunities in your community, please send an email to, and list “New Citizen Involvement” in the subject line. We will add your contact details to our database and contact you directly about how you can contribute to the success of our program.

In addition, Citizenship Counts is now accepting nominations for our digital Wall of Honor.  This wall features active, engaged citizens who appreciate their American citizenship.  We created this feature to recognize both naturalized citizens and native born citizens who have made exemplary contributions to their communities and their country.

To nominate an Honorable Citizen, please submit your nomination to via email, using “Wall of Honor” as your subject line, to  Your submission must include a brief bio that explains how this individual is an exemplary citizen.  Self-nominations are accepted.