Today’s drive took us from a large RV park of 365 spaces near the Tucson airport to a tiny rural RV park , which is near Willcox, Arizona, in the middle of wide open spaces.  Each has something to offer the traveler, and we continue to marvel at the variety of RV parks/campgrounds and the great numbers of people who live in RV’s – for vacations or all year round.  Please see the photos below for the contrast between urban and rural.

One of the people we met in Tucson is traveling with her husband in one of the Class A RV’s, which means the bus style that usually expand to provide additional space for comfortable living.  (Ours is definitely more compact!) So this couple is thinking of selling their home and living in an RV while they work part time in national parks across the country.  

We are learning about all of the equipment that is made for RV’s and about the national chains of stores that specialize in these products.  There are online communities of RV travelers that share with each other about a myriad of topics, including travel – of course!

Returning to today’s drive from urban to rural Arizona, here are some photos:

Our street sign among dozens in the Tucson RV park

The office, restaurant and other amenities in Tucson

The city feel of the Tucson park

Willcox RV park with our RV's just to the right of the pole.

The RV office in the rural Willcox area

The laundry room and shower facility is very clean and just steps away from our RV!

And the twilight view in rural Arizona, accompanied by the sounds of birds!



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  • Tamara Hogsett
    February 23rd, 2012

    So grateful you are finding great accommodations on your adventure. Love the Arizona scenery. My first roommate at BYU was from Arizona and back in the 60’s we loved looking at the magazine Arizona Highways. Your pictures could most definitely be included in those issues.

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