Following a morning walk, John and Kipp have logged 152.43 miles of walking.  John and Tyler have biked 696.6 miles.

This morning we will head for Las Cruces, New Mexico, which is sixty miles east of Deming.  We have all enjoyed our stay in Deming, where we have found friendliness, peace and wonderful bike rides and walks.  

In a conversation with one of the volunteers who handles the office at the RV park where we have been staying, I made a comment about what a good idea it is to have an RV club for singles.  She immediately responded that Loners on Wheels saved her life.  She and her husband and family were living in a small Texas farming town when her husband died.  Her children had families of their own and her grandchildren were old enough not to need her as they had when they were younger.  The opportunity for RV travel with and near other singles brought her a community and a purpose that she desperately needed.  Now, years later, she is settled in Deming at LOW-HI RV Ranch, where she volunteers in the office and in other ways.  She spends her summers with her family in that small farming town in Texas, where she had been so lonely many years ago, but it feels different now.

On the City of Deming website, the climate in Deming is described as follows:  “With an average annual rainfall of approximatly 9”, our climate is classified as “arid continental.” Prolonged rainy periods are practically unknown. Fall, winter, and spring are normally dry; an average of only one or two days a month get as much as one-tenth inch of rain. There is some snow in the winter, but it melts nearly as fast as it falls.

Because of our altitude (4331 feet), summers are characterized by moderately warm days. Maximums are mostly in the 90’s, rarely rising to 100 degrees or higher. Because of our elevation, the nights are comfortably cool. Our maximum temperatures usually occur during June, while in July and August frequent afternoon thunderstorms tend to hold down daytime temperatures.”  

You can read more about Deming at:

Here are a few more photos of the late winter vegetation:

One of many trees whose leaves are waiting for spring

A closer look!








And one more Yucca against the sky

One more Yucca against the sky!

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  • Tamara Hogsett
    February 29th, 2012

    So grateful that you enjoyed Deming, New Mexico. WOW! Almost 700 biked miles. Way to go!

  • Dede Harris
    February 28th, 2012

    Hope your day went well. Very windy in Scottsdale. Our children stopped climbing Pinnacle Peak because of the wind. Hope weather doesn’t interfere with your riding and hiking. Anxious to read about Las Cruces and the school program. Also, hope Rosie and her husband will come to the program. Such an interesting woman. When we met her she told us she was teaching Hebrew to her neighbors and it was her dream to move to Israel. Hope you all have the opportunity to meet. We pray for safe travels for you all.

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