In this post you will see the photographs of many of the new citizens whose Oath of Allegiance to the United States was witnessed by more than 300 students at Picacho Middle School.  We hope these photographs will bring you closer to the dignity, awe and joy of a Naturalization Ceremony.  The expressions on the faces of the new citizens reflect many different emotions.  Judge Lourdes A. Martinez smiles with joy for each.

A very serious moment for the new citizen.

One of two brothers becoming a citizen.

In awe of the moment.

Smiling gently

So proud! Please note the flags on her sweater.


Openly joyful!

A very proud moment.

Connecting with joy!

From the perspective of a long life.

The joy of the older brother.

With seriousness and determination

The quiet emotion of maturity

A time for joy

My mom is a citizen!

Shyly rejoicing

With appreciation

Two big smiles

In awe of this important time

Two more big smiles!





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