After a bike ride of 72.5 miles, John and Tyler have now biked 871.1 miles.  John and Kipp have walked 152.43 miles.  Kipp told me that he can’t wait for his next walk! 

As Kipp has told you, we all had a wonderful time at White Sands National Monument, which is a beautiful place with a remarkable history.  We all saw an excellent video presentation and exhibit in the Visitor’s Center.  We all enjoyed immensely learning about and seeing the ever-shifting white sands.  Here is a link and some photos to learn more:  You can click on the photos for a larger image to read the information inside the Visitor’s Center.

Very professionally presented!

Inside the Visitor's Center 1

Inside the Visitor's Center 2

Inside the Visitor's Center 3

Inside the Visitor's Center 4

Inside the Visitor' Center 5

Inside the Visitor's Center 6

Outside now: So white and gorgeous!

Ripples created by the wind.

One of countless embankments.

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