Although the photos don’t begin to give you the remarkable experience of being in the Caverns,  you will have a hint of what we saw and felt.  We hope you will have a chance to go yourselves to this wonder of nature that was discovered and has been preserved by citizens of our country.  

John and Kelly listening to the guided tour as they enter the Caverns

Listening in the dark of the Caverns

John walking through one of the narrowest spaces

Whale's Mouth

Column surrounded by stalactites

Large column and stalactities

Colors and shapes

A necessary convenience at the end of a long and visually astounding downward walk

A welcome way of returning to ground level

A park ranger volunteering his off-work time to clean lint on the rocks that accumulates as it falls from the clothing of visitors. He is surely an exemplary citizen!




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  • Tamara Hogsett
    March 12th, 2012

    Love these amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Melanie
    March 12th, 2012

    That park ranger sure is an exemplary citizen! We grateful to him for preserving this site of natural beauty! Volunteering is a great way to be an engaged, responsible citizen.

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