Usually I go walking with my dad.  When my dad goes biking with Tyler, I go walking with my mom.  Some days we move from one place to another.  My mom and dad call these places RV parks.  I like some of them.  My favorite was the one where my mom and dad and I and Kelly and Tyler were the only ones living there.  I could run around as much as I wanted without being on my tether or my leash.  The only thing I didn’t like about that RV park was when I hurt my ankle.  I want you to know that my ankle is so much better.  Yesterday, Dad took me on an 8 mile walk!  Today we walked again – 9 miles this time.  Hooray!  I love walking with my dad.  We’ve walked 188 miles!!

Here are photos of the RV park that I liked so much:

Just Mom and Dad and Kelly and Tyler and Me!

This is where I had such a great walk and saw the cows.










Sometimes Dad and Mom and Kelly and Tyler go someplace in the car with me, but they leave me in the car.  They did this for Kelly’s birthday dinner at a restaurant, and they did it again when they went to Carlsbad Caverns.  They also did it tonight when they went out for Mexican food.  I like being in the back of the car where Mom and Dad put a soft blanket and where I can lie down.  Sometimes I look out the window.  Sometimes I just rest or sleep.  I am happy to go places in the car, and I am also happy to be  in my place in the back of the car because I feel safe, which makes me happy.  Mom said she would show you some photos of me in the car:

Here I am looking out the window.

Here I am when Mom came from Carlsbad Caverns to the parking lot and opened the hatchback door so she and I could be close while we waited for Dad, Kelly and Tyler. She covered me so I would be mostly in the shade. I could have gotten out, but I didn't want to.

Here I am before we drove to the Mexican restaurant in Fort Stockton, Texas

I love looking out the window while we are driving, even when the bike is hanging on the back of the car.







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  • Charlie and Sadie
    March 13th, 2012

    Hi, Kipp. We are very happy to hear that your ankle is feeling better.

    We hope Uncle John and Aunt Diane brought out leftovers for you.

    We miss you.

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