Love brought David Cannington to these shores over 20 years ago. He describes himself as a bit of a wanderer since his early 20s, so he was not surprised to end up living in a country where he was not born. Providing a bridge between Silicon Valley and the Australian technology community has been David’s passion since he arrived in the United States. He was the founding CEO of an organization called ANZA Technology Network, which helps Australian early stage technology companies find a landing place in the U.S.  He is now the Chief Marketing Officer of an Australian hearing technology company called Sensear, whose Global Sales and Marketing office is based in Northern California.

As an Australian who became an American citizen in 2008, David believes he found the best place to live. He’s living in Marin County in Northern California, and he considers himself to be very lucky. David describes his new home as safe, progressive, diverse, and always hopeful: “Living close to Silicon Valley, you are always infected by all the possibilities that technology brings, the optimism of growing new companies and the excitement of starting something new.” America has provided David with many opportunities: starting businesses, changing careers, raising a family, and building a good life for himself and his family.

David reflects on his current situation: “Now here I am, an Australian who is an American citizen who is married to a Swede, living in California with a half Swedish/Australian son and two half American Jewish children from a previous wife. That’s America for you.”

David also recognizes what he is most proud of and grateful of as an American citizen.  He says, “I can have a say about what happens in this country through my right to vote.  Exercising my right and responsibility to vote gives me the right to have a say.”

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