I know, I know, I know! All of my fans and friends have not heard from me for almost a whole month. It is not my fault. I talk to my dad and mom all the time, but my blog is always empty. Finally, I said enough is enough!  I am going to stop being the good dog everyone says I am if my blog doesn’t get written so that you can read about what I am doing.

I know everyone is busy on this long journey, but so am I. Do you know what it is like to always need to smell the ground?  If I heard it once I heard it 1000 times, my dad says that he has 5 million smelling cells in his nose and I have 250 million! Bow wow!! No wonder I smell everything everywhere, anywhere, and I especially like to smell things on the ground. When Mom or Dad takes me to the dog area in the RV park, I have to find the perfect place to do what I need to do. I smell and I smell and I smell, and finally I find the right spot.  Dad and Mom shake their heads but that’s the way I do it. Quite frankly, they do strange things too.

A long time ago I told you I would tell you about Jimi Livshitz, the best dog trainer in the whole world. When Mom and Dad decided to go on this long journey across the country, they knew I would meet lots of people including children and always be in new situations. They kept saying I needed to be on my best behavior. I was still a young pup and my dad had gotten me into some bad habits.

My parents met Jimi and talked to him, and he met me.  One day he came to my house and picked me up and took me to his house.  I didn’t come home to stay for six weeks. My mom and dad were very sad when I left but they knew I absolutely had to learn good habits. Well! Jimi knew how to teach me how to behave.

Jimi was born and grew up in Israel, and he learned to train dogs when he was thirteen years old. My dad said that Jimi’s teacher told him that he would not be able to train dogs unless he could train a donkey first. After six months, Jimi got the donkey to sit on command. What do you think of that?  Jimi then started training dogs and even trained dogs in the Israeli army. If he could do that, you know he has to be very good.

Jimi came to America almost 15 years ago and he ended up doing what he loves best – training dogs like me. Jimi believes that the best way to train a dog is to be consistent with everything that he wants the dog to do. Jimmy worked with me every day, and after just two weeks I followed all of the basic commands and behaved very well. However, Jimi knew that I would be facing difficult situations and he wanted to make sure I would be as secure and comfortable as possible. I stayed with Jimmy and his family for another four weeks until he thought I was ready to return home to my parents. He then had to train my parents so that they would know how to help me keep my good habits. I would see Jimi every few weeks and loved to play with him whenever he came to my house. I love Jimi because he made me what I am today and he is so much fun, and I know that Jimi loves me.

One of the things that makes me very happy is that Jimi’s own dog, Ben, became a close friend of mine. Here are some pictures of me smelling everything  in the dog runs and out of the dog runs in the RV Parks.  There are pictures of me with Ben when we walked with our dads around Piestewa Peak in Phoenix before we left on our journey. I can’t do nearly the things Ben can do but with time, I hope to do even more than I can do now.  Ben and Jimi are proud Americans and by the way I’m also proud to be an American. 

That's me in Johnson City, Texas smelling the ground.

That's me too, looking for just the right spot.

It's me smelling - this time by the river in Junction, Texas

Yup, still smelling - this time a bigger plant

The last smelling one for today.

Me with my good friend Ben, who carries his own pack.

Ben and Me at a No Dogs Allowed Sigh. We were very quiet and all the hikers admired us as they walked by.

Jimi with me, Mom, Dad, my sister Jennifer, Melanie and Gerda. Jimi came to play with me and for pictures. And to meet Gerda!










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