I am having a great time on our journey.  Every day is a new adventure for me.  Right now we are  close to the Mississippi River in an RV park near a little town called Marion in Arkansas.  Yesterday Mom, Dad and I crossed the Mississippi River on a big bridge and went to a meeting in Memphis.  When we were crossing the river, Dad told me to look out the window and see how big and beautiful it is.  As soon as we got over the bridge we were in Memphis, Tennessee.

Mom says that the Mississippi River is very important for our country.   Instead of me telling you more, she had the idea of putting some links into my blog so that you can read more about what happens on the river and see pictures and learn about how the river can flood sometimes, which it did last year.  



Yesterday we went to a meeting with two people who talked for a long time with Mom and Dad.  When we go to meetings, Dad tells me to lie down next to him and to be quiet while they are talking. I don’t know what they are saying to each other but they are saying a lot, and it is a good time for me to relax and even get some sleep.  Sometimes Mom pets my head, which feels so good.  

When the meeting was over I was very happy that we could go outside and look around! I couldn’t wait to smell the ground and get back into the car. I love my mom’s car and especially the area in the back which is safe and I can look out the back of the car at all the trucks and all the cars and all the pretty scenery. Whenever my dad slows down, I let him know that I want to get out of the car by talking loudly to him. My dad calls it whining , but he just can’t understand everything I am saying.  I am not whining!

Before we left on our trip to Memphis today, Dad and I walked for 8 miles around the farm fields and country roads near the RV park. I love to run and play in the dirt. I chase all the birds and never catch them, but I keep trying. I chase squirrels and never catch them either, but I think I have a better chance because they can’t fly. When they run up a tree I jump up on the trunk of the tree, but they are too fast for me. One of these days I’m going to catch one off guard and he’s going to be sorry.

In the RV parks, I always have to be on a leash because there are other dogs and people. There are strict rules and my dad obeys them most of the time. Sometimes he lets me off my leash when no one is around and I can run to my heart’s delight. When we go out of the RV park onto the roads near the farm fields or trails in the woods or by streams, he always lets me off leash so that I can run and run and run.

Both dad and I love it when it is cool!  Most of the time we have had great weather on our trip. I think I’ve told you about this before, but my only sad times are on the days when my dad and Tyler bike and they are gone for so many hours. I love it when dad returns! Lately, I sit outside with Dad in the cool breeze as he recovers from his long bike ride. He usually eats his big, yummy-smelling sandwich made by sweet Kelly.  He never lets me have even a taste.  After lunch he sometimes falls asleep in the chair and I lie next to him and guard him.

Each RV Park is different. The ones that have the most trees and the most grass are the ones I like best. America is a great and big country, and I am seeing it first paw. And one more thing: I am proud to be an American.

Here's the bridge over the Mississippi River that I saw when we were driving to Memphis.

When we were on the bridge this is how Memphis looked from Mom's car.

After the meeting we drove back on the bridge to Arkansas. Mom told me that the Arkansas state line starts in the middle of the bridge, which is in the middle of the river.

Here I am walking along a farm road.

Here I am on another farm road.

Here I am after running through a creek. It was fun!

Mom & Dad always want to take my picture. 🙂

I'm in a stand-off with the cattle.

I really needed a rest after the stand-off.

Hanging out with Dad while he eats his lunch.

Resting in the grass near our RV, getting ready for whatever happens tomorrow.








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  • Melanie
    April 13th, 2012

    Kipp, you are full of interesting facts, and you are way too cute! Thank you for guarding your dad and keeping our Journey team safe. We are so thankful for proud and engaged citizens like you!

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