My mom and dad said they have never seen so many trucks as we saw on the highways in Texas and Arkansas and again in Kentucky.  I know in my young life I’ve never seen so many.  But Mom and Dad are old, and they’ve been on a lot of highways.  So if they think there are a lot of trucks, you know there are a lot of trucks.  Whew!  

I’m going to show you more pictures, and I hope you will help me to understand what all of these trucks are doing on the highways – whizzing by our car and sometimes even our RV parks when we are staying close to a highway.  If you help me with this, I won’t say anything else to you about trucks. 

Here's one whizzing right by us.

Whizzing by....

Another one whizzing by....

Another whizzer. (Is whizzer a word?)

Look at this one and the next one.

This is the next one. What do you think about these?

Do you see what I mean about so many?

So many lined up because there are so many!

Looks like a piece of sculpture to me. How about you?

Crazy stuff on trucks....

This is the last one. I promise. Now I hope you will help me to understand why there are so many trucks. I can see what is on some of them. But I have no idea about so many others and why there are so many. Can you help me?







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  • Susan B
    May 9th, 2012

    I’m glad you’re journey is going well, but it will be great to see you back home! By the way, I think whizzer is a word, but I thought it meant something else.

  • Ms. Eckstein's Class
    May 2nd, 2012

    We think there are so many trucks because the trucks are delivering many different things across the country. Some are delivering gas. Some are delivering cement, and others are delivering all sorts of other things. We hope this helps. We are proud to be Americans too!!

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