John and Tyler have completed 2148 miles of cycling.  John and Kipp have completed 316 miles of walking.

In case you hadn’t heard, this is Earth Day.  Our interpretation of Earth Day is that we each have a responsibility to take care of our Earth, which we can do in many different ways.

We can plant trees.  We can stop littering.  We can recycle.  We can carpool and use public transportation when possible.  We can combine our errands so that we make fewer trips in our cars.  We can be careful about how much water we use.  We can find new uses for the things we have so that we don’t have to buy something new when what we have will work.  We can give things we don’t need that are still good to the many causes that will accept used items.  During the winter we can put on a sweater instead of making our houses warmer.  During the summer we can wear fewer clothes and use fans so that our air conditioning temperature can be a little higher.  

There is so much more we can do, and we welcome all of your ideas so that we can all learn from each other how to take care of our Earth.  It is all part of being good citizens.  After all, our Earth is the only one we have.   

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  • Tamara Hogsett
    April 25th, 2012

    Thanks for the reminder of all the wonderful things we can do to celebrate Earth Day.

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