I want you to know that I am doing fine, but I hope we will go home soon.  I miss my house.  I miss my yard.  I miss having more space.  We are living in a very small RV, and I have to be inside or on a leash almost all of the time if I am outside.  There are so many rules on this Journey.  I am trying to follow them, but after we get home, I will really be able to relax.  

I also want you to know that there are some great things about being on this Journey with my mom and dad, especially with my dad.  We have taken some of the best walks you can imagine, where I get to chase birds and rabbits and squirrels and where I get to see so many beautiful places.  Thank you, Dad, for all of the wonderful walks!  I know there will be more before we get home.  

When we were in Arkansas in the countryside near a town called Marion, my mom took me on a walk on the farm roads that were near our RV park.  I saw so many things that I’d never seen before.  My mom took pictures of many of them.  I hope that you will be able to answer my questions about the pictures. 

What is in the farm field? I'm in the picture too.

What are these in the farm field?

I don't know what is growing here. You'll see a close up in the next picture.

Here is a close up of the plants in the field. Do you know what kind of plant this is?

Do you know what kind of bird this is?

These were next to the farm field. What are they for?

I have seen a lot of wildflowers. Some are orange. Some are blue. Some are purple. Some are white. Most are yellow.

These yellow flowers are in Tennessee.

These flowers are in Kentucky. I can show you even more if you want. Most of the ones I have seen are yellow. Do you have any idea why?




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  • Charlie and Sadie
    May 8th, 2012

    Hi, Kipp. When you come back to Phoenix, you’ll have to come to our house. We have no rules!

    We do not have answers to your questions. We are dogs. But, Sadie would enjoy eating all the different flowers and plants. And, Charlie would enjoy barking at the farm equipment and the mysterious bird.

  • Ms. Eckstein's Class
    May 2nd, 2012

    The machines you saw on the farm fields were tractors and plowers. We think there was also a harvester. These machines are used to help crops. The plants you saw are wheat. We don’t know what the bird is. We are not really sure about the flowers either. Keep having fun!! You will be home in a few months!

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