Mom and Dad have been talking about the Journey being almost over.  When I hear them talking, I think about all of the wonderful times I’ve had and also that I will be happy to be home whenever we get there.  

Our RV is really crowded.  There isn’t even enough room for me to sleep on the floor next to my dad when he takes a nap.  That’s because the bed takes up almost all of the room in the bedroom part of the RV.  Also, Mom and Dad are always stepping over me to get the things they need.  Mom promised to show you some pictures of the fun I’ve been having and also of my life inside the RV.

The way things are going, this may the last time I write to you while we are on this Journey.   Maybe I’ll have time to write again, but just in case I don’t, I want to thank you for being interested in what I have to say.  I want you to know that I think I am a very lucky dog.  I also want to be sure you know that I am proud to be an American! 

I fill up the whole hallway in the "great room" of the RV.

I fill up the whole hallway between the bathroom and the kitchen. And my tail is touching the door to the bedroom.

Here I am trying to sleep with Dad working next to me. I told you I am too big for the RV.

Now if they would just let me drive, I would be so happy!

Dad tried to put boots on me to protect my paws. They stayed on for about ten seconds. Thank goodness Dad gave up!

I had so many new places to sniff - every day!

Two more sniffing photos because I love it so much.

Here I am exploring in West Texas on a walk with Mom.

Here I am on a beautiful path when I walked with Dad.

I hiked up a mountain in Arizona with Dad.

I am walking with Dad on a long and quiet farm road. He is behind me! 🙂

I had so much room to play on this beautiful farm!

Oh, boy, look at me in this hay field!

I got to play in the water lots of times!

I'll never forget how much fun I had with Tyler and Kelly at White Sands!

I had a great walk with Mom and Dad in Pittsburgh!

Mom and Dad read this sign to me about peace and hope.

Mom took this picture of peace and hope.

Mom took this picture of me too!

I met a donkey.

I met some horses.

I met so many cows!

Then I got closer and saw that they are so big!!

See that little white dog? He's my friend now.

I went with Dad, Mom, Kelly & Tyler to a Presidential Library Garden.

I got to relax with Dad outside after his bike rides.

I got to relax during dinner with my team!

I got to relax every evening with Dad inside.

I had fun in the beautiful gardens of friends. Lucky me!












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  • Nancy Haas
    June 4th, 2012

    I love the pictures of you, Kip. My favorite is the last one. It should be called “Where in the world is, Kip?” Not many dogs have gone the places you have gone and have met the people (and donkeys) you have met.

  • Charlie and Sadie
    June 3rd, 2012

    Kipp, we miss you! Please come home soon.
    Charlie and Sadie

  • Katherine Eckstein
    May 28th, 2012

    Kipp — I smiled the whole time I looked at your pictures. You’re such a beautiful, brave boy. I can’t wait to see you in New York in about a week! Oh boy!

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