With this video, you will have the experience of witnessing immigrants being introduced by country of origin and taking the Oath of Allegiance as they become citizens of the United States.  This very dignified Naturalization Ceremony took place in Courtroom #20 of the U.S. District Courthouse in Washington, D.C. with the Honorable Royce C. Lamberth, Chief Judge, presiding. Michael Darby, Public Operations Administrator of the Court announced the name and country of each new citizen.  Bryant Johnson, Records Manager & Supervisor of  Files & Intake, brought his smile, enthusiasm and expertise to the proceedings, helping all who attended to feel more comfortable and at ease.  You will hear Jennifer Cooper singing “America the Beautiful” in the background.  She beautifully sang “The Star Spangled Banner” at the beginning of the Ceremony.   

The Ceremony also included a Color Guard representing all branches of the Armed Forces, welcoming remarks by Shari K. Thorne-Sulima, State Regent of the D.C. Daughters of the American Revolution and remarks by keynote speaker Ted McConnell, Executive Director of the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools.  In addition, Judge Lamberth spoke in celebration of citizenship and those becoming citizens and also with great pride and affection about many of the judges who have served in the D.C. District Court and whose portraits hang in the courtroom.  He is clearly very proud of the tradition of which he is a part.  

This Ceremony was another wonderful and moving experience for our Citizenship Counts team, for the many guests and, especially for the new citizens.  

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  • Tamara Hogsett
    June 3rd, 2012

    This video is one of the most touching things I have seen. The JOY readiates from each of the 48 recepients. Their stories are varied and the blessings for them as a citizen are GREAT. Thanks for sharing!

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