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  • Rachel Shankman

    The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Rachel was born in a displaced persons camp in Munich, Germany in 1946. Rachel says, "My mother, Cesia Fromer and my father, Abe Fromer, both survivors of the Holocaust, studied the American Constitution as one would study the Bible. One of the proudest ...Read More »

  • Peter & Alice Buseck

    Peter Buseck was born in Frankfurt, Germany.  Under threat from the Nazis, his parents and he immigrated to the United States when he was only 17 months old, shortly before the start of World War II.  He grew up in the U.S. and was fortunate to identify as an American ...Read More »

  • Shelby Yastrow

      Shelby Yastrow wishes he could thank his grandparents for what their exodus from tyranny did for him, his cousins, and all of their children who have followed.  Shelby's mother, grandparents, uncle, and aunts came to the United States in the early 1900's.  They had lived in Russia, in the area known as ...Read More »

  • Victor Habinshuti

    Victor Habinshuti  was born in 1986 in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.  At age 8 he left his birthplace, escaping the devastating Rwandan Genocide. The Genocide claimed Victor's sister, mother, and most of his family. Victor and his brother traveled together and fought to survive. The brothers headed toward Zaire ...Read More »

  • Dr. Khosrow Nafisi

      Dr. Khosrow Nafisi was born in Mashhad, Iran. Even at a young age, he was known among his friends, family members, and fellow students as an extremely kind and service-oriented individual.  He studied medicine at Mashhad Medical University in 1966, where he was consistently at the top of his class ...Read More »

  • Sam Tasby

    Sam Tasby played a prominent role in the desegregation of public schools in Dallas, TX.  Mr. Tasby was born in Arkansas in 1921. At age 20, he moved to Dallas where he married and had six children. In 1970, his son, Phillip, was denied admission to two all-white schools that were ...Read More »

  • Paul Oreffice

    Paul Oreffice was born in Venice, Italy. When he was 11 years old his father was tortured and jailed by the Fascists for expressing an opinion that demeaned Mussolini and his disciples. Eventually Max Oreffice was tried and released to house arrest but his life was in danger. The following ...Read More »

  • James P. Comer, M.D.

    James P. Comer, M.D. is the Maurice Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine’s Child Study Center in New Haven, Connecticut. Dr. Comer is one of the country's leading advocates for the education of poor children, especially poor children of color, in the United States. ...Read More »

  • Mort Fleischer

    Morton H. Fleischer is a financial entrepreneur who has financed or operated a wide range of businesses during his 50-year business career. These businesses include retail sales, land development, cattle ranching, and advising companies and individuals with respect to corporate mergers and acquisitions.  Mort's experience also includes owning and operating ...Read More »

  • David Cannington

    Love brought David Cannington to these shores over 20 years ago. He describes himself as a bit of a wanderer since his early 20s, so he was not surprised to end up living in a country where he was not born. Providing a bridge between Silicon Valley and the Australian technology ...Read More »